We know clearly that supplying good stable quality of products continuously and promptly in the long term is one of the most important reasons that customers choose Mach-tec as a supplier. Thus, we invest huge time, efforts and finance in order to constantly improve our quality control management.

Our currently supplied products are customized according to drawings or samples provided by customers. Mach-tec designs a quality control system specifically aiming at the identity of custom-made products. The strict quality control system improving and optimizing in the past 20 years enables us to provide high quality of products steadily and promptly in the long term. The compensation ratio always stays below 0.6% of total annual export sales. Thus, it extremely reduces quality troubles to our customers and save our customers’ time, cost and energy on tackling with quality issues.

Vickers Hardness Inspection

Surface Plating X-ray Inspection

Three Coordinate Inspection

Loading Capacity Inspection

Spectrograph Inspection

Metallographic Structure Inspection

Brinell Hardness Inspection

Mechanical Property Inspection