About Mach-tec

Established in 1995, Mach-tec has been supplying diverse mechanical products covering nearly all kinds of materials, processing methods and production technologies in industry by incremental confidence on Mach-tec’s capability from customers and continuous expansion of business scope.

What we present in our “product centre” only accounts for less than 5% of our currently supplied products.

Based on validity and reality, we display the photos describing scene of quality inspection performed by our engineers instead of artistic photos in “Product centre”

Our products mainly cover: bronze and brass, ductile iron, malleable iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, Zinc, grey iron, alloy steel. Processing methods and production technologies mainly include: forging, die casting, permanent mold casting, lost foam casting, water glass casting, sand casting, lost wax casting ,stamping & drawing, machining from bar stock, extruding. So we have good understanding on these types of materials and production technologies.

Then, with excellent comprehension on above mentioned materials, processing methods, production techniques and Mach-tec possessed experienced engineers with abundant professional knowledge, we can grasp requirements on new products precisely and rapidly, choose the best way of manufacture based on customers’ requirements and control the quality of products. Therefore, we save plenty of time and cost for our customers by running low failure risk of new projects while satisfying each requirement of our customers with competitive price.

Mach-tec owned strict quality control system which has been improving and optimizing in the past 20 years enables us to provide high quality of products continuously and steadily in long term. The compensation ratio always stays below 0.6% of total annual export sales. Thus, it extremely reduces quality troubles to our customers and save our customers’ time, cost and energy on tackling with quality issues

The advanced ERP system updating four times in the past 15 years makes us control the production status accurately. The lead-time accuracy rate reaches up to 98% so as to help our customers highly reduce stock ratio and operation cost.

Mach-tec promises to take responsibility for quality of all products we supply. We respond root causes and corrective actions of quality issues within two days and offer solutions at once in order to extremely reduce the impact of quality issues on our customers. We regard reputation as one of the most important reasons that customers choose Mach-tec as supplier. That’s why many customers have been cooperating with Mach-tec for more than 20 years and the shortest are over 10 years. You will soon find that Mach-tec is a professional, experienced, reliable, long- term business partner.