All of Mach-tec’s customers come from developed countries including America, Sweden, Denmark, France, UK, Germany and Japan. Our products are widely used in truck, machine tool, crane, hardware, engineering machinery, Manual fork lifter, construction material, cleaning equipment for tanker, valves, and mining machinery.

20 years’ experience of supplying OEM and spare parts to customers from Europe and America makes us understand well on requirements of product quality, technique standard, drawing translation and packing specifications in American and European markets.

Mach-tec currently supplied products cover nearly all kinds of materials, processing methods and production technologies in industry by incremental confidence on Mach-tec’s capability and varieties of new purchasing products from our customers.

Due to Mach-tec’s specialty knowledge and abundant experience, we can always respond any questions raised by customers at once including professional technique support, advice of manufacturing methods, verification and modification on drawings. Meanwhile we give quote within two days so that our customers can receive good and professional service at the beginning of the inquiry. Therefore, it can greatly reduce the failure risk of running new projects so as to hugely save time, cost and energies for our customers. You will find that Mach-tec is a professional, experienced, reliable , long-term business partner very soon.